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So You’re Planning an Event?

If it’s now time for you to plan an event of some kind and you’re uncertain about whether you may need a professional event planner, you should start by answering a few questions and figuring out certain details first. If it is a smaller and less formal event, you will have less to plot out, but having a good idea of what your event will entail will help you get off to a strong start. Specifically, you should consider the five Ws of your event, which are who, what, where, when, and why.

Because events are all different, you will have to adapt your event to your given circumstances. Begin the process by classifying which category your event falls into: corporate, charity, or social. Of course, many events share commonalities (food, for example), but planning a reunion is completely different from a fashion show! Make sure you are clear on what the reason is behind your event prior to actually planning it out.

In planning an informal get-together with friends or family, “who” is coming is obvious. But understanding who your guests will be is crucial to higher profile events. Identify the demographic of the guests you will have, as decisions for entertainment, activities, and even type of food will heavily depend on this. If the type of guests that will be there ranges greatly, then so should the entertainment. Provide options for a range of ages, in that case.

When it comes to when you will hold your event, weather will likely be a deciding factor. Certain themes, like a tropical/Hawaiian theme, will be easier to work around during the summer, unless you put a creative or ironic spin on it. Of course, certain events are mandated by outside fixed dates, such as birthdays, graduations, holidays, or other occasions beyond your control, and you should make sure you give yourself ample time to plan ahead.

Where you hold your event tends to be dependent on weather. Make sure the outdoor conditions will be suitable for outdoor events, and/or consider the possibility of offering guests the opportunity to go in and outdoors, weather permitting. You also don’t want to forget questions of accessibility and accommodations if any of your guests might require them. It is a great idea, in an outdoor event, to supply your guests with a variety of things to do. Some options you can throw around include swimming, sports, games, a barbecue, or contests.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to wrap your head around planning an event. Hopefully, after considering these five Ws, you will have a much better idea what your event’s needs are and whether you will need to employ a pro to help you bring it to fruition.
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