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If you run a business it is important to know about business continuity. Business continuity simply means preparing for the future and making sure there won’t be any problems with running your business later down the road when something goes wrong. A lot of times this deals with emergency situations. As an example let’s talk about the recent hurricanes and floods in the northeast states. Offices were flooded and files and computers lost, completely ending some businesses. If you are a serious businessman you probably want to succeed even when an emergency comes up, so you need to be prepared. Business continuity is often synonymous with disaster recovery.

Before I move on with this article I want to ask you a few questions to get you thinking. Does your company have any kind of backup plan in case of disaster? If so, does your plan involve physically moving anything like files, etc? If there was a flood or something and your main location was affected, how much work would you lose? And the last question, how long would it take you to recover if there was a disaster?

Look at the questions and see if you notice anything. As you can see, if you want to recover quickly from a disaster and keep business going as usual it is important to have a good backup plan. You should always keep backups, so either make copies of all your files and ship them to a safe location or just store copies of everything online or on a different computer.

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Now let’s go a little deeper into disaster recovery solutions. There are many good business continuity planning software programs available, and if you run a business you should not hesitate to buy one. If you can’t find them nearby, you could always get them online. This software will lay everything out plain for you and let you determine what all to back up and how often to do it based on how big your business is.

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And if you need extra help you can hire a business continuity consultant. Business consulting is a huge market and you can find many people who will come out once to look over your business and make a detailed plan for everything you need to do to safeguard it. And of course if you need it and can afford it you could even hire a full time continuity planner to constantly watch over your business for you and keep things running smoothly. It doesn’t matter which option you pick, just remember to keep your business safe and plan for the future.


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