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Teething Fur Baby Try This

Follow these tips to help your teething puppy or kitten:

* Start brushing your pet’s teeth from day one. Even though your puppy or kitten will lose their first set of teeth, the sooner the better to get your pets used to having their teeth brushed. Try and brush 3 to 4 times a week.

* With very small puppies and kittens, just put a small amount of pet-specific toothpaste on your little finger and gently rub this over their teeth and gums.

* Your puppy or kitten might be a bit quiet and not all that keen on eating during the teething phase. Provide small amounts of easily chewable food often.

* For the sake of your furniture invest in good quality, chewy toys. Ensure that these toys are pet-friendly and do not pose a choking hazard.

* Keep a careful eye on your small breed dog during the teething process. Small breed dogs are predisposed to incomplete shedding of their deciduous teeth which will lead to dental health complications.

* If at 8 months of age the dog still has baby teeth, seek veterinary advice as it may be necessary to extract these teeth to prevent dental disease.

* Combine PupTeeth Granules with a course of Immunity and Liver Support to supplement the immune system, natural remedies can be very helpful to help your pet through the teething process as comfortably as possible.

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