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Glue Sticks Are A Practical Adhesive for Arts and Crafts

Adhesives are indispensable items in the line of arts and crafts because they are used to bind two dissimilar materials together. Given the many different materials available, craft advocates can use some help from a universal adhesive. It is also important that the adhesive is heavy duty and will not leave any dirt on the crafts. An added important feature to look for in an adhesive is that it is durable as well not messy to work with on crafts.

Thankfully, there are already hot glue sticks available as adhesives not just for art stuff but for lots of other things at home and at the office. By now, you probably recognize these screw base glue sticks that can be purchased at most craft as well office supply stores, grocery stores, and big box dealers. These adhesives can be distinguished for being highly flexible and practical. They can fasten different materials together such as paper, plastic, and wood. Glue sticks have a solid form and has to be melted, so that it can be used as an adhesive.

The importance of adhesives is not limited to the business of arts and crafts. In the old days, people used a variety of things such as egg whites and even blood as adhesives. Adhesives have always been essential to people’s lives all throughout these years. They serve to recombine broken pieces or to create some new items. Whatever the purpose for the use of an adhesive, it has to be very effective in serving that purpose.

With improvements in technology, adhesives evolved into their more developed forms to satisfy people’s needs. In 1904 a chemical engineer by the name of Paul Cope invented the sticks. He came up with thermoplastic adhesives to resolve the issue in water based glues. Thermoplastic glues require a glue gun to connect or seal different materials. The glue gun heats and melts the portion wherein the stick is found. The liquefied stick is released or pushed outward through an automatic trigger system.

They are obtainable in either dual use or granular form. A specific time frame is observed as the locking stage. Users must join the materials during this locking period in order for the glue to work effectively. When the locking period is over, the glue stick solidifies once again. Glue sticks can now be bought in several sizes as well as colors. People now incorporate these sticks into their craft. When getting a glue stick, people are supposed to choose a size that will fit into the glue gun if they want to ensure they can actually indeed use it.

Glue sticks work efficiently in universal paper crafting, meaning it works great for fastening one paper to another. Another plus factor is its price; these sticks are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk. The sticks don’t work effectively on plastic, glass, metal, and other non-porous materials though and they don’t lock heavier items either.
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