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Learning More About Arizona Employment Law

The law of United states defend the employees from the moment they started working up to the moment they’ll leave their work. Below are the overview of what’s in the AZ employment law:

Laws that do not allow discrimination begins when the job is promoted in all states. When it is job opening, the employers have no right to demand that they prefer to have women than men or to have single applicants than married. When it is job interview, this also applies.
The employers should never ask the potential employees regarding the status of their marriage life or age, except for legal aspect involve.

Effective last January 2013, the minimum wage in Arizona for most employees is $7.80 per hour.
Those who receive tips should have $4.80. For those who are under the non-salaried workers needs additional pay for more than forty hours of work.

The company should make sure that their employees are properly protected against any danger in their workplace. The occupational safety laws governs the safety and protection of the workers against harmful chemicals in their work area.
When employees have problems regarding this, the employers can’t simply fire them.

It doesn’t matter what the cause of the injuries is because the employers still need to shoulder the employees treatment and compensation in a situation like this. This benefit should be shouldered by all companies. The payment of the workers will depend on the injuries and his regular pay.

It is not mandatory that employers will offer paid holidays or vacations, but some of them do so as the benefit of their employees.
Except for sick leave, the employees are entitled to have their unpaid leave if they are working in one of those companies which have more than fifty employees. Even if the employees who have jury duty don’t have paid day off, they are not easily removed or fired in their duty.

It is illegal to harass or unwelcome employees based on their gender, nationality, color, religion, age, gender, race, as well as disability and this is under the federal law. An employee can even file a case against his employer if he is being harass.

The employees and employers in Arizona are allowed to quit their job anytime because there is no contract to follow as Arizona is part of the “at will” state. Those employees who are fired must receive their final check three days after the termination or to the next payday. On the other hand, the worker who wants to stop first may need to get their final payment on the next payday.

The employees won’t have the chance to get his unemployment insurance if he is fired for he has not done his job well or because he wants to stop his job.

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