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Historic homes, such as those on the coast, present unique challenges for home restoration. Most of the time, the homeowners struggle most with how to keep a historic perspective, but also bring in a modern design.

If you don’t have a lot of passion for the project and patience for obstacles, this is going to be a project that is very taxing. The concept of restoring a century old home can be challenging in many ways, but if you persist, it can also be very rewarding. Remember that building codes and permit requirements have changed over time, so the project results could be different than what you originally envision.

The phrase “do your homework” doesn’t just apply to kids, you need to do yours as well before you begin a job like this. It’s important to have a conversation with your spouse as to how the original details of the house will come into play. Sometimes, as you’re walking on the project though, you’ll find a beautiful detail of the home that you’d like to show off. Attics and basements can be great undiscovered spaces that offer more living space after restoration, instead of dark corner to store unopened boxes.

Now that the research is completed, set up an appointment with both a local historic commission and a building inspector. With their input, it will be easier to get that modern usefulness but still keep the historic design.

Usually, the hardest modern upgrade to install is a heating and air system. These systems require large ductwork throughout the home and the original spaces are often not large enough to accommodate it.

Some other ideas to consider are the following:

Historic floors are usually quite beautiful and should be kept if at all possible.

A do-it-yourself project like this can often include a lot of plaster and horsehair and could end up being a headache, so try to plan for it as best as you can.

There is no need to avoid energy efficient products while restoring a historic home. It’s possible to add beautiful, historic-reminiscent details to a project like this and increase the energy efficiency level.

As you go through this project detail by detail, remember this is your home for your family. Add in personal touches along the way and express your family’s perspective, even as you stay on track with the plan for design.

When you find problems like mold throughout the building that need to be removed, make sure you hire a professional service company like Dana Point mold removal. Make sure they understand your timetable so they can schedule according to the rest of the project team.
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