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Interesting Research on Remodeling – Things You Probably Never Knew

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the center of your home and when doing home renovations, it should be the first place you start whether you are renovating for you own pleasure or renovating to please future buyers who may be interested in your home. The kitchen is usually situated in close proximity to the living spaces in a home.

The kitchen is also the most important room for most people interested in buying a home. The kitchen gets a lot of attention so it should be one of first rooms you tackle when renovating your home. There are important components to kitchen renovations: color, floor and fixtures.

A new coat of paint can breathe new life in any space including your kitchen. If you are remodeling because you finally have the time or money to have the kitchen of your dreams, you can go crazy with the paint and paint zebra stripes on your wall if you want. You should do exactly what you want and not think about what anyone else thinks or what the remodeling magazines print.

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But if you are making the renovations because you hope to sale your home then you can’t only think about what you want; you have to think about pleasing people who may want to buy your house. You can’t go wrong with muted and neutral colors. You may also want to scratch any plans of hanging wallpaper. They may not be fond of your pattern choice or the difficulty of removing it. If your kitchen is easily visible for other areas of your home you have to make sure your renovation won’t clash.

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Your choice of flooring is very important in your kitchen renovation project. It can make your kitchen shine. There are a variety of options for flooring from cheap vinyl to marble. Linoleum and vinyl are a couple of the less expensive options and you can find a huge selection of designs with each. Same rules apply here, if your remodeling for resale, you have to think about the buyers. And buyers don’t like floors made from cheap materials.

Because the floor gets so much use it is the first thing in a kitchen to wear. Cheap floors will need to replaced quickly. And the first thing homebuyers will think about looking down at your cheap linoleum or vinyl (no matter how nice looking it is) is how much money it will cost them to replace it when it starts to rip in a few months. Tile is the way to go. It holds up well and buyers will definitely take note.

Finish your kitchen renovation with new shiny hardware. Adding new, modern light fixtures, handles and faucets will top of your kitchen renovation. When you’re done you can just enjoy your kitchen or get ready for all the buyers clamoring to outbid each other.


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