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Arizona employment law -The Different Rights Of An Employee

According to Arizona employment law, employees have various rights when you talk about their salary, vacation benefits, discrimination as well as drug testing in their workplace. Those employees who think that they are discriminated or terminated without any valid reason can file their appeal with the Arizona Civil Rights Division of the Attorney General’s office. Once the documents are all filed, investigation will be followed at free cost to the appellant.

The workers in Arizona should not be treated unequally based on their race, gender, age, nationality, and even disability. Some places in Arizona like the Phoenix and Tuscon, are not allowed discrimination according to marital and familial status, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The Arizona law also prevents people from discriminating others based on pregnancy, ages, and family medical leave. Right after the charges have been filed, the workers still have their right which is called protected activity against their employer.

When it comes to wages, both men and women are equal in Arizona. In Arizona law, men and women should receive the same equal salary if they have the same quantity and quality of work. The wage rates may differ when it comes to the years of services, the responsibilities handled, and number of hours rendered in work. During at work, workers also have the right to be in private. Employers can only access the employees desk, drawers, lockers, computer, emails or files when it is needed.

Once written agreement is not done when working, the employees in Arizona is thought as at-will employees. Those who are at-will employees may be terminated anytime even if there is no prior notice. Those employees who think that they have been mistakenly terminated can file charges against their employers as long as they will do this within a year after the termination. If discrimination is the main reason why an employee is terminated, that employee can file charges against the employer. Some of the reasons which charges can be filed are misconduct, violation of the agreement, performing of illegal act by the employers.

Those who are working in Arizona still need to be paid with their overtime even if they are paid per hour and if there is no contract. Employers are required to provide a pay slip to their employees. Employers should also pay their employees at least twice a month. No matter if the employees are terminated, they still have to get their full salary for the month.

It is needed that the polygraph testing should be done. In Arizona, drug testing is also done by statute. Employers may ask the workers to submit themselves to drug and alcohol testing before they are being hired or while they are employed. This can be performed on random or periodic schedule.
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