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One of the traditional ways to cure college students’ homesickness is by sending a care package of sweet treats, useful goodies, and items that reminds them of home. This collection of wonderful gifts for college students can improve their mood and help motivate them especially the during examination periods. The recipient will feel more special if the care package is personalized and home-made rather pre-made which can be expensive and generic.

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Sending college care packages–What To Keep In Mind

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Start by establishing how much to spend and do not get too excited to end up spending a lot. By planning sensibly, you can have an affordable but very special care package. Remember also to consider the cost of shipping when making your budget. Prefer the those flat rate boxes and make sure that all that you need to send will fit inside it.

Next, a college student may be already fed up with the food in the cafeteria so sending a gift card to a local restaurant can be a good idea. Other than a gift cards, favorite snacks and single dish meals that can be prepared in a dorm microwave will be good idea as well. Do not forget to put in also healthy food such as protein or breakfast bars, dried fruit, microwave popcorn and candy bars for sugary sustenance. Most important of all, send your college kid some home-baked goodies that he or she liked to make the package truly special.

It is not necessary that the set of gifts for college students include costly items since some little things that are often taken for granted can be excellent ideas such as a complete first-aid kit, basic tool kit, flip-flops, safety pins, plastic silverware, and emergency sewing kit among others.

Giving them things to take good care of their bodies for example body washes, scented lotion, a kit for manicure/pedicure, new loofahs, and lip gloss for women or chap stick for men will be much appreciated too. Gifts that will ease college students’ boredom and entertain not only them but also their friends and roommates among these are latest video games or newly released DVD’s, playing cards, and board games are wonderful items to send too. Lastly, always include something from home like a favorite stuffed toy, iPod pre-loaded with favorite songs, photo frames with pictures of high school friends, and other thoughtful ideas will surely lift their spirits and ease any feeling of homesickness.

Last thing, it is also important to inquire with the dorms about what are acceptable gifts for college students. Some gifts maybe prohibited for some reason thus ending up being taken away by the administrators instead being enjoyed by your son or daughter.


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