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Utah Medical Malpractice Lawyers Fight HIV Misdiagnosis

Medical malpractice lawyers in Utah handle a variety of cases related to medical malpractice. Medical malpractice is a large field which makes it difficult for any lawyer to master it so they specialize in narrower fields. Misdiagnosis is an area of specialty and many lawyers in Utah are taking it a step further and specializing in the specific area of the misdiagnosis of HIV. HIV is the virus that causes the fatal disease AIDS.

Both AIDS and HIV have a huge amount of social stigma attached to them. So people who have these conditions not only have to worry about their health but they have the added stress of being afflicted with a condition that is demonized by society. It’s understandable that a positive HIV result can lead to a sense of despair much deeper than that of people diagnosed with diseases more accepted by society.

Unfortunately, there are many cases were people are misdiagnosed with having HIV. By the time they find out they are in fact HIV negative, the emotional damage and loss of reputation has already happened. And they have already taken many rounds of HIV drugs that will have lasting effects on their health. In these unfortunate cases, Utah medical malpractice lawyers can help these people get justice for the emotional stress and physical harm they have suffered at the hands of the medical professional they thought they could trust.

After consulting a medical malpractice lawyer in Utah about your case, the lawyer will ask to see your medical records and have them examined by medical professionals that work with them. Once damage has been established, the medical malpractice lawyer must prove that the doctor did something wrong in diagnosing the disease. A misdiagnosis doesn’t automatically mean that the doctor is at fault. However if there seems to be even the slightest misstep, the medical malpractice lawyer in Utah will pounce and pursue the case.

You should never attempt to file a medical malpractice lawsuit without the help of an attorney. However, it is especially important to have representation when it comes to the misdiagnosis of HIV. HIV is a very peculiar virus. Scientists have been studying the virus for over 30 years and it is still a mystery in many aspects.

Insurance companies will use this information to manipulate juries. One of the biggest excuses they use is that HIV on occasion has gone dormant. If you don’t have a medical degree with a focus in the human immune system plus a law degree, you don’t stand a chance.

It is much harder to prove emotional damages than it is to establish loss of wages or other monetary damages. Getting other people to sympathize with another person and make them believe that that person need a financial judgment takes skill. Having that persuasive voice is another reason why medical malpractice lawyers are so important.
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