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When considering whether to relocate your business, it’s important to take into account that moving a production facility is a complicated and expensive task. It is vital to your success to make careful plans before undertaking a move. This involves disposing of your old location and securing a new one. The more complex and important part of the process, though, is creating the actual moving plan.

All big projects, including plant relocation, should start with a good plan. Before the process begins, create a list of important steps that must be completed before, during, and after the move. This might include things such as inspecting all machinery prior to the move, moving the pieces in the proper order, and where at the new location the machinery needs to be unloaded.

Creating a realistic schedule that takes into account all stages of the move is also an important part of the process. You may need to move your facility quickly if production scheduling relies on it, for example. After the equipment has been installed in your new facility, you’ll also want to allow time to test the machinery before work can begin again.

The details of your particular move will influence what other services you might need. Some moves will require that equipment be stored for a time while the new facility is prepared. When this is the case, warehouse storage space needs to be acquired to store the equipment until it can be moved.

The mode of travel will also change depending on the relative locations of the old plant and the new one. International relocation might require that you plan for shipping by sea, for example, which includes its own important details that will need to be worked out. Moving by truck, on the other hand, will require a careful route plan that takes into account weight loads and road widths.

Figuring out in advance which services you’ll need will help you select a heavy industry moving company. Not all moving companies offer all possible services, so knowing what you need, be it warehouse space, equipment moving, or international shipping, allows you to narrow down the options to those companies that can deliver the services you require. Having a plan you can share with your prospective moving company can also help them determine whether they can help you at the price and speed that you want. Once you’ve selected a moving company, you should go over the plan again and make sure that it is feasible as is, and, if not, that the plan gets changed before the process begins to avoid confusion and mistakes.
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