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How To Clean Rugs or Carpet?

There is no question that rugs can be an additional feature in your house. However, you have to make sure that they are properly maintained and they can be pricey too. That’s why, you have to gather lots of information about how to take care of them. In this way, you can maintain the beauty of your rugs. Some people commit mistakes in cleaning their rugs. These mistakes are not helpful in making your rugs last long.

You should make it a habit to turn your rug upside down and vacuum it. To keep your vacuum last long, you should only use suction in front of the vacuum and use beater bar or rotating brush vacuum at the back of the rug. This is because the beater bar or rotating brush can loosen up small wool if you will apply it in front of the rug which can tear your rug. However, if you have synthetic rugs, beater bar or rotating brush can be used both at the back and front part of the vacuum.

Never include in vacuuming the fringes and tassels. Fringes may get stuck in the beater bar of your vacuum once you vacuum it. Hence, there is no need to vacuum the fringes. All you need to do is to fluff them with your hands. Any additional care to that can be damaging.

You should know that not all shampoos and sprays are gentle to your carpets. This is because shampoos are only applied for synthetic rugs and not for wool rugs.

Do not forget to read the label before you use the cleaner or shampoo. And also, do not forget to rinse the shampoo or cleaner after using. Dirt will be attracted to soap residue.

You should immediately treat the rugs if there are spills and stains. You can blot or scrape the spills gently. You can use a clean white cotton dry towel when blotting the spills or stains. The spills will be absorbed properly if you will continually press the towel down. Never rub the towel in circle as this can damage your rug. Once the milk spills, you should careful rinse the rug with the use of a detergent bar and in this way souring of residue will be prevented. For red wine spills, you can use hydrogen peroxide dish soap together with a cotton towel. You can also neutralize the pet odors by using white vinegar and water and press it with cotton towel.

As much as possible, you should vacuum both sides of the rugs every week. If this is not possible, you should at least vacuum the rug once in every two weeks. Make it a habit to rotate the rugs at least once a year.It can also be that you will arrange the whole furniture together with the rugs.

Always remember that rugs should be rolled and not be folded. It is important the if you will avail an upholstery cleaning or a rug cleaning, the cleaners know this guidelines. In this way, wrinkles will be prevented.
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