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The Importance of Bail Bonds in the Justice System

If you want to have a society that functions in a civil manner, then you must make sure there is a good means of justice. In situations where innocent people are afraid of being arrested and jailed, and in societies that do not prosecute those who have committed crimes, chaos is about the only result. For this reason, most developed countries in the world today have a very specific system in place to deal with all criminal proceedings. The basic principle that binds all of these systems of justice involves the idea that someone should be considered innocent until proven otherwise.

People are typically put in prison after being arrested for a crime, and they must remain there until a court case has concluded that the person is either guilty or innocent of the charges. There is a philosophical argument to be made against this imprisonment, as a person should not be kept in prison if he has not been convicted. Therefore, there is a system of bail that a person can have to let himself free for a time. This bail is a form of insurance against the possibility that a person will simply run away from his court responsibilities after being released. If the person fails to show up for court, he will lose his bail money.

For the amount of money that most bailiffs ask for, paying bail is an impossible task for the average person. There are few people in the world who have enough money saved to cover their bail costs. However, people are going to want to get out of prison prior to going to court, especially if they know they are innocent of their crimes. In order to pay for their bail, then, they will need to get a bail bond. These are a short-term loan that will have about 10% of the bond added on top as a fee for the bondsman.

Once the bondsman has paid the bond to the court, the jailed person is released into their care. The accused person can be sought out by the bounty hunter in situations where he does not appear as he is supposed to for his court date. If you have heard the term “bounty hunter,” then you know the type of person who looks for the escaped person.

In most cases, the accused party will appear for his day in court, and the person who provided the bond will have his money repaid. The use of these bonds serves as a sort of financial prison for the accused, which still allows him to live his life while waiting for the court case to be completed.
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