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A Simple Plan: Billboards

Deciding An Agreement About Your Billboard Lease Rates

Simple agreement regarding a billboard lease doesn’t signify that you already know its true value. Agreeing for your billboard’s right and fair price is not that easy, and could even be difficult. So how can you really determine a lease agreement’s true value?

A lot of things should be considered in order to know your lease’s real cost.

Your billboard’s size for one is already a huge factor to consider when estimating its cost. One sided and two sided billboard also has different value. Your billboard could either be on the eye level with traffic, on the street or it could be on the roof of a building. If a billboard is placed on a higher place or a specific intersection this will have a high value. It is much more valuable if a billboard is placed on the streets where there is a high traffic compared to a billboard which is placed on an intersection.

You might also want to look around first for some of the other billboards around your own. Is the area surrounding you, filled with lots of other billboards? Your billboard’s and the others worth could not be similar. To help you figure out and estimate your billboard’s worth, since it involves a lot of surrounding factors, three basic strategies should narrow it down for you. These include comparing of sales, strategy on replacement costs, and the income.

To set the price for an agreement on the billboard lease, a comparison of sales strategy for the best price should be understood. It is challenging to pin point the exact price of billboards according to price sales because they are seldom sold in masses. The value of rent and financial gain for the billboard determines the strategy for income. The comparability of outward and inward cash results in the advertising structure.

With the third method’s help, you can now appraise your billboard. By treating your structure like a personal property, you can now properly asses the value through the method on replacement cost strategy. Through this method, market complications will be avoided, and it would be a great way to regulate and standardize billboard prices.

Whatever strategy you use, the most important part is finally induing out the worth of your billboard. Selling your billboard’s lease agreement in one huge lump of sum would be really more profitable and also safer.

But don’t ever run any advertisements concerning politics without letting your land owner know. But most of those times, no objections will arise regarding the matter. You’ll never know that it could be an abashment on your part. Before putting up any arguable ads like the ones related to politics, religion and moral issue like abortion, constantly check with your property owner.
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