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The Different Holidays In Hawaii

Hawaii has their own unique holidays aside from remembering the United Sates holidays. The three holidays are the Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day, Admissions Day, and King Kamehameha I day. In these events, you cannot make any transaction to the banks and other offices.

However, aside from these events, there are also other Hawaii Holidays. Like for instance, the May Day, Chinese New Year, the Boy’s Day, and the Girl’s day. Below are the overview of the various Hawaiian Holidays:

The First event is the Prince Kalanianaole Day and it is also called as Kuhio Day. Usually it happens even March 26th. This is in honor to the Prince. He is loved by people because he was able to get the land from the congress and distribute it to the Hawaiian families. During the event, there will be a parade on the island plus with the canoe races.

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The second one is the King Kamehameha I day which is also called Kamehameha day.

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It is celebrated every year on June 11th. He is recognized for uniting the Hawaiian Islands and he was also the first ruler.

There will be parades, festival, as well as the covering of the king’s statue with flowers.

There is also the Admissions Day and it is also called “Statehood Day.” It happens every 3rd Friday of August because it reminds how Hawaii has become the one of the states of America.

One of the holidays in Hawaii is the May Day or also called as the Lei Day. It is held on the first week of May. It is to have fun for the creation as well as the use of the flower lei. People will wear leis and they will have the parade. Children usually love this day as they participate.

Tango no Sekku is another term for the Boy’s Day. It is really a Japanese occasion which was influenced to the Hawaiians. It is held on the May 5th. Each of the families would put large koi fish on the bamboo in their houses. The number of carp that will be hanged will be based on how many the boys are in the family. The reason behind this is that the fish will symbolize strength and power. The people believe that their boys will become courageous and responsible if they will follow this ritual.

The girl’s day in Hawaii is also called as Matsuri. Like the boy’s day, it is also influenced by the Japanese. It is observed on March 3rd.

Hawaii also celebrated Chinese New Year. The people usually meet each other during this event.

This is event was brought by the Chinese immigrants. Usually, the people will have tea ceremonies, fireworks, parades, and dragon dances.

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