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Small Home Improvement Projects with Big Visual Impact

You might think of home improvement projects as things you do to interior parts of your home. But the appearance of your home from the street, it’s curb appeal, also affects its value. Changing the paint is one way to change the look, but that can be a large, expensive undertaking. Instead, consider these smaller, more economical changes to doors and windows that can still have a big visual impact.

Replacing old flyscreen doors is one easy way to increase the value of your home and make it look better, too. New flydoors give you the chance to improve your home’s protection against unwanted pests as well as the appearance of your home. Your options include a wide variety of meshes, as well as door styles, to suit your design aesthetic. Some homes only need partial screens on their doors.

Another option is to have security doors installed in your home. Security doors promote good airflow through your home while still preventing small creatures and insects from coming in, just like a regular flydoor. Unlike regular flydoors, however, they also offer more security.

Security doors make use of high quality metals like stainless steel for their mesh instead of the softer, less durable materials used in regular screens. These metal meshes look like regular screens but are stronger. An intruder could easily use a sharp object to cut through your regular screens. Security doors, on the other hand, are not and can prevent intruders, even when the doors or windows are open.

The state requires that items sold as security features must meet certain standards. To be considered a security feature, doors and windows must meet or exceed certain standards for strength and durability. This includes both how they were made and also how well they stand up to the tests they are subjected to. To be real security doors, they must meet these standards. Some companies will label regular flydoors as security doors, so make sure to check that the doors you’ve contracted for are actual security doors.

Windows can be dressed up, too, to change how your home looks. One option is to replace existing screens with retractable versions. These screens can be pulled into place when you want to open the windows. When the windows are closed, you can hide the screens, allowing the beauty of your windows to shine through.

Awnings are another easy upgrade for your windows. You can have awnings custom made or buy pre-made versions in a variety of styles and colors. They also shield your windows from the worst of the sun, which can keep your home cooler in the summer months.
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