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What Items Should I Keep Until My Personal Injury Claim Has Reached Its Conclusion?

Have you recently retained the services of a personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City? If you have, you are likely getting ready to build a great case together. At this juncture, there is little doubt that your attorney has determined precisely how much funding you can request in your claim. Depending upon how horrible your wounds were, the amount of money you are asking for could be significant or could be fairly moderate.

Constructing an exceptional personal injury case is not always simple. In order to make the best possible argument, your Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer will require all kinds of evidential objects. It is a good idea for you to compile this packet of documentation before your attorney even asks you for it.

It is almost impossible to know what paperwork your lawyer will need if you haven’t been through a lawsuit before. You can use this article as a guide. As you read the next portion, you will see a listing of documents that nearly all personal injury lawyers expect to have access to while they are dealing with claims.

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A List of Contact Information For People Who Are Involved

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There is no doubt that your personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City will want to speak to individuals who are linked to your case somehow. Thus, you should provide your attorney with a list of names, phone numbers, and email addresses for important parties. You should include any doctors and nurses who treated you on this list. In addition, your superiors at work will need to be spoken to if your injuries were sustained in the workplace.

Any Documents From the Hospital

You must make sure you give your personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City copies of any documents that you were given while medical professionals were caring for your wounds. For example, you will need to save copies of x-ray images, medical charts, and emails sent between you and your attending physician. Additionally, see if your doctor would be willing to pen a letter outlining all of the injuries that you sustained.

A Document Sent From Your Place of Work

If you are seeking compensation for lost wages, your attorney will need to have a letter from your boss detailing your pay. If you are a salaried employee, your superiors will have to break down how much you earn each hour. Your direct superior needs to put his or her signature on this letter. This letter could play a key role in whether or not you receive all of the compensation you are asking for.


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