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What Testosterone Does to Male Health

Testosterone is one type of steroid hormone. The Leydig cells found in the testes are responsible for producing this natural hormone. The females are also producing testosterone through the ovaries but only far less than what males do through the testicles. Despite this small testosterone level in females, they don’t get the effect that it does to males. Mood and libido are affected by testosterone in both sexes.

As a man becomes older, one would be getting a decrease of testosterone level until it falls below the normal range. Males in their 40s can experience a decrease in testosterone levels to about 1-2% every year. The low testosterone levels will be able to cause low sexual desire. Increasing the testosterone level can manage this problem.

The different secondary sex characteristics in males are being influenced by this type of hormone. The hair growth patterns in the groin, beard, chest and armpits are being influenced by such kind of hormone. Deep voice and fat distribution are also affected by such type of hormone. Such kind of hormone is needed for the development and the maintenance of sex organs in males and also for the production of semen.

Aside from that, testosterone is anabolic and this encourages strong muscle growth and may also help them become bulky. The use of testosterone boosters in many countries is being controlled to avoid abusing this for those in sports. Also, this can influence growth of the bones by retaining phosphate and calcium which can help prevent osteoporosis. This kind of hormone is responsible in making the skin more vascular as well as less fatty.

There is a dramatic increase of testosterone in the pubertal stage and when a man is approaching his 50’s the production of this hormone decreases. When you are planning to use testosterone products, you should consult your physician beforehand. There are so many testosterone products that you will be able to find out there in the market and they can satisfy male’s sexual craving. The products are prepared in injectables and creams but they should be prescribed by a doctor. Through occasional usage of these product, you will be able to encourage the body to begin producing natural testosterone to be able to enhance male health.

Men may also potentially get prostate cancer when there is a low level of the testosterone hormone. When you want to continually nourish your glands, the hormonal arrangement as well as your sexual desire then you have to be supervised by a doctor to ensure that usage is safe. The products contain clinically approved components that effectively maintain hormones, libido as well as muscle composition.
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