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5 Takeaways That I Learned About Testosterone

Effects of Testosterone to the Health of Males

Testosterone is known to be a certain type of steroid hormone. In the testes are where the Leydig cells are and they are the ones that produce such natural hormone. Testosterone is also being produced by the females with the help of their ovaries but this is just produced in very small amounts compared to what the males are producing. Despite this small testosterone level in females, they don’t get the effect that it does to males. The testosterone can influence the mood as well as libido in both sexes.

However, as one gets older, men would tend to get a drop of testosterone levels below the normal range. For those who are in their 40s, they will experience a decrease of 1 to 2 percent each year. When this happens, one will have a decreased sexual desire. This problem can be address when the testosterone level is increased.

The different secondary sex characteristics in males are being influenced by this type of hormone. The hair growth patterns in the groin, beard, chest and armpits are being influenced by such kind of hormone. This hormone is also responsible about the fat distribution and also the deep voice in men. Such kind of hormone is needed for the development and the maintenance of sex organs in males and also for the production of semen.

Testosterone is also anabolic and because of this, it enhances strong muscle growth and is also responsible for making them bulky. This is why in various countries, using testosterone boosters is controlled to avoid abusing this for sports advantage. Also, this can influence growth of the bones by retaining phosphate and calcium which can help prevent osteoporosis. This kind of hormone is responsible in making the skin more vascular as well as less fatty.

The testosterone increases during the pubertal stage the levels dramatically increase but when the male reaches 50, the testosterone production decreases. You should first consult your physical if you intend to utilize testosterone products. For those who are concerned about making use of such product then there are testosterone supplements available that will be able to satisfy the sexual craving in males to enhance this hormone. The products are available in creams and injections but they need to be prescribed by a physician. Using it occasionally will help the body to start producing natural testosterone to help improve male health.

Getting a decreasing level of this hormone can cause prostate cancer in men. If you intend to nourish your sexual desire, your hormonal arrangement and glands, then you need to use testosterone supplements and product but this should be supervised by the doctor. The products contain clinically approved components that effectively maintain hormones, libido as well as muscle composition.
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