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Why Having Your Own Frozen Yogurt Franchise Is Good Business

This year’s frozen yogurt franchises are likely to be as hot as summer itself and even with the existing recession. Stroll along the numerous shopping centers or strip malls across the entire nation and you’re sure to find a frozen yogurt shop that has opened only recently.

This craze, maybe we should say its encore, had its kick off in Southern California. Ever since 2007, the number of yogurt franchise opportunities has been steadily rising after the launching of a few popular brands became successful. People recognized their personal interest in this product and conceived of something that will translate this into profits.

Overall, there is more than enough frozen yogurt franchises. These yogurt shops that represent must be leaving new investors tossing and turning in their sleep every night. If it’s any consolation, people should be made aware of the reality that the frozen sweets business, yogurt being a major contributor, is now a $12 billion industry.

The latest trend demonstrates that several franchises are trying to get away from the well-liked ‘designer” frozen yogurt franchise examples of some distinguished brands in the business, and going in the direction of the self-serve varieties. Other than the usually higher franchise cost, the same can be said about the prices of their products.

Given the popularity of these yogurt desserts, if they are being sold at $5 or $7 a piece, customers are likely to stay away. Alternatively, if people are allowed to pump the servings on their own, charge them by weight (about 30 to 50 cents perhaps for every ounce; about $3 for every cup, or lower sometimes), and have the same assortment of toppings, they are very likely to sacrifice the fancy decoration as well as the brand name without second thought.

The self-serve yogurt franchise does not denote a staff-free business. But, you don’t really need a lot of people to be on your staff. It will be good to keep enough staffers to prevent any hygiene situation from cropping up and ensure that order is preserved. It’s among the features of a franchise model that will either bring returns to investors or not.

The competition is obviously intense. The frozen yogurt equipment is flourishing and everybody wants to own one. Only time will determine who’ll survive in this business.

An important factor to take into consideration in operating a compelling frozen yogurt franchise would be to find a place that does not have its own yogurt shop yet. With the many franchise yogurt shops out there, you need to think of ways in terms of uniqueness, accessibility, and the varieties you can offer that other regular dealers can’t.

Initiating your frozen yogurt franchise can be a wonderful business opportunity aside from being rewarding and enjoyable to run as well. But remember to get as much information as you can about frozen yogurt franchising before you take the plunge.
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